About Us

About TechNak.com

TechNak has been using eBay for over 14 years and continues to sell used and broken iPhones, smartphones, and other tech devices at a discounted price.  We still use eBay a little bit, however because of the 10% fee markup on all items, we are now offering buyers the same device for 10% cheaper to reflect the fees that used to be charged to us in eBay.  If you have any questions you can contact us, or visit our eBay account by contacting us and we can give you the account name and you can see all our previous feedback.

Buyer Protection:

When you use eBay and have an issue, you go and start a case in PayPal.  When you buy from TechNak, you always will use PayPal.  When you use PayPal, you receive the same buyer protection as if you were using eBay.  You can contact PayPal at 1 (888) 221-1161, or at PayPal.com and check for yourself that we are a verified PayPal account holder.  If you dont receive an item, we recommend that you FIRST contact us.  This is very important, because most times we can solve your issue, and give you a full refund without having to use the PayPal resolution center.  Many of our buyers are international buyers.  If you are an international buyer, please note that we ONLY use EMS INTERNATIONAL (Express Mail International USPS)  This includes FULL insurance on the item’s value, and FULL tracking to your international location.  If you are located in Ukraine or Russia orders sometimes take over 15-20 days, however most orders take much quicker!  If you ever have a problem, TechNak is willing to help you in any way, and Paypal also will help you in any way.

Satisfaction & Returns:

We take pride in 100% satisfaction and will take a NO QUESTIONS ASKED return on ANY WORKING device!  If you are purchasing a broken device please read the description carefully.  All broken devices are sold as AS-IS.  We have priced them accordingly.  If you ever have a problem with an item that you recently purchased, you can contact us and we can attempt to fix your problem, partially refund you for your problem, or take a full return and full refund on your item if it was purchased in working order and ended up not working.  We strive to describe ALL items perfectly and maintain the same eBay best practices as eBay does itself, however we are not affiliated with eBay in any way.

You Can Trust Us

    • We are a PayPal Verified US Business Merchant for over 14 years holding the same PayPal buyer protection as eBay!
    • We are previous eBay sellers that have good feedback and maintain eBay best pratices.
    • We are a licensed business name in Washington, USA GadgetAcres.
    • We are a licensed Limited Liability Company LLC under: GadgetAcres LLC.
    • We are also BBB Verified and Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
    • We respond and communicate to your needs before you have to go for PayPal buyer protection!


PayPal Protection

Our Physical Address and Name:

GadgetAcres LLC


College Place, WA 99324

United States.