Do You Have A Broken iPhone Laying Around? Why Not Sell It?

Many people have broken iPhones laying around but they miss the true potential and value if they refrain for selling them on earlier rather then later.  The later you sell your broken iPhone the less value you will get.  In fact if you wait too long it may not be worth anything.  The sad fact is that many iPhones go to waste because people don’t sell them as soon as they break or as soon as they become unused.  It may be crazy but some iPhones even in a broken state can get up to $400 dollars.  It all depends on the model and how badly broken or used the iPhone is, but your iPhone could be worth a chunk of change if exchanged!

How To Sell Your Broken iPhone:

  1. Wipe your broken iPhone before selling it.
  2. Take any Find My iPhone or iCloud lock OFF of it.
  3. Clean the outside.
  4. If you are tech-minded fix it yourself and sell it for a little more.
  5. Sell it!  Profit!

It may seem like a tiring task to sell your broken iPhone, however you don’t have to worry.  In fact there are many ways that you can rid yourself of your unwanted or broken iPhone.  Some places make it more convenient then going to the grocery store, yet most people still don’t sell there device.  You can sell it to a website like, or, or you can even sell your broken device to and get a great price and value combined.  The best part about is that you actually receive free shipping both ways and all you have to do is package your device with the packing that was provided and DONE.  Your device is sold.  You didn’t have to wait in line at your local pawn shop and get less then you want.  When you sell your broken iPhone to you get a great price and it is super easy!  Its a easier way to sell.  There’s no reason to wait to sell it on Craigslist, to take a chance on eBay when you can sell it fast and easily on  Sell broken iPhone 4, Sell broken iPhone 4S, Sell Broken iPhone 5, and even sell the newest iPhone 5S.  We Buy Broken iPhone at