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At we are always trying to get you the lowest prices on iPhones, iPads, and smartphones as we can!  In this attempt, we are adding a first time buyer coupon code.  If you use this code, you will get $5 off your complete order!  To be eligible for this coupon code, we encourage you to “Like” our Facebook page first.  (TechNak Facebook).  After you have “Liked” our Tech Nak Facebook page, you simply start your order by visiting and adding to your cart the devices you wish to purchase.  Then in checkout, you apply the following coupon code seen in the image below.


When you enter and apply this coupon code when you are in the cart section of TechNak website, you will be discounted the amount of $5.  If you want to get more tips, news, and better coupon codes, you can head over to our Facebook here: TechNak Facebook.  At, we pride ourselves in the best prices on used technology, iPhones, smartphones, iPads, and any mobile devices for that matter!  If you find a price anywhere else that is reputable and priced cheaper will will do our best to match the price.  There are some circumstances where we cannot price-match, but in many cases we will price match.  The reason we are offering this, is because we personally believe that we have the cheapest prices on the internet when buying used iPhones, iPads, or other devices.

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TechNak, is a website where you can buy used iPhones for an affordable price.  Get the best prices, find deals, and buy broken phones and parts iPhones.  We offer a no questions asked “description-gurantee” money back warranty.  What this means, is if you ever receive an item that differs from the original description, we will take it back and return it for a refund or exchange.  No questions asked!  Don’t choose anyone else when you can trust the best priced reseller on the internet.  Not only this, but we are also BBB – Better Business Bureau Accredited;  you can trust us!

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