74 Broken / Working iPhones & Smartphones | BULK SALE

$5,550 $4,440

We are liquidating one of our stock units.

Some of these iPhone function fine, but most of them have little / big issues.  They are in need opt refurbishing.  You could fix most of them.  7-17% may have slight water damage or bad ESN, but not many.

They are rated from 1-10 1 is completely broken and not working at all and 10 is working.  This LOT is AS-IS and no returns.

We originally wanted to get $75 dollars average per unit (74*75 = $5,550) but we are now only asking an average of $60 dollars per phone  (74*60 = $4,440).  This sale price may not last long.  You have a good chance to make some profit on this LOT if you repair the iPhones and re-sell each!

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Product Description

These pictures are REAL.  All the iPhones seen here will be included – we will also throw in some other misc parts iPhones that are in pieces – we sold our broken iPhone site and are selling all the remaining stock.

(The only iPhone not seen in the picture below is the iPhone 6)



Here is the list:

Broken iphones for sale stock

Additional Information

Weight 20 lbs