TechNak Warranty Policy Update!

We are adding an extra level or protection for all TechNak buyers.  This is a Warranty that involves the way things are described and the policy that you cary when you shop and buy iPhones or other devices on our website.  Our warranty features a no questions asked “description-gurantee” money back warranty.

What this means is if you receive ANY item from us that is in a different visual, and contextual condition, we will take it back no questions asked!  We want to make sure that you pay and buy what you get.  In our best attempt to make this possible, we want everyone to have the confidence to buy safely.  Too boost your buying confidence even more we have added the no questions asked “description-gurantee” money back warranty onto all our future sales!

It gets better.  We also have added PayPal payment systems into our website which give you an even greater level of protection.  PayPal offers you with financial protection.

You are also eligible to protection described in PayPal buyer protection.  To read more you can visit PayPal Buyer Protection page.  If you get any item however its a good idea to contact us.  We will do everything in our power to make sure your issues are resolved.

Broken Items:

If you purchase a item that is broken in some way.  If it says that it has limited functionality or broken pieces, your warranty is limited.  For example, if you buy a cracked iPhone, and complain that your iPhone was received with cracks, we wont be able to help you, because you purchased an item that was exactly received as described.  What our protection covers is any item that is significantly not as described.  In this case we will do everything we can to make sure that you are taken care of.  For more information visit the About Us section on our website!

Thank you again for reading about our new warranty policy at TechNak!